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Why hello there, March. And hello there, lovely readers. Thanks for clicking in! Although I’m not usually into apologizing for not writing about my cutest-kids-in-the-world and what-amazing-things-we’ve-been-doing-in-the-most-beautiful-place-in-America, snicker snicker, I am here anyway to say “sorry about all the crickets, lately, lovelies!”

It’s been busy on the work front and a bit messy meets crazy on the home front mixed with lots of snow days, a couple sick days and a couple getaway days thrown in too. And sometimes when I’m clicking away with work on my computer for my clients, one of the last things I want to do is hop back on when I have a few minutes of time. But then time and development keep racing on and I stop and think, I need to capture this, savor this, post this. And yes, I realize that savoring doesn’t equate to taking pictures and posting about it, but sometimes, well, it does for me. In a 2013 kind of way I suppose.

So enough musing, here are a few shots of our February life. Enjoy!


It’s been very wintery at 605. I love our nest blanketed in some fresh snow. And the birdies have been enjoying the snow, although Phoebe hates her boots so she doesn’t last long out in the snow.



We’ve been skiing, but not enough given how wintery it’s been. Thankful for the times we’ve been able to get out.


We enjoyed the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail near Glen Haven. I love seeing the same trail at different times of year, don’t you?


We’ve had (more than) our fair share of cocoa…


Ahh, fresh snow.

IMG_3110  IMG_3128

And the biggest highlight was the Winter Fest in downtown Traverse City. An ice rink! A tubing run! A ferris wheel! All right downtown. Sorry, cars.




The biggest birdie got to try out ice skating for the first time. Ahh, the firsts!


And also her first ice cream eating contest. She didn’t care that her competitors included a very big twelve year old. Because, um, hello, free ice cream.


And lots of warm baths to warm after all this chilly winter fun.


So the sweet and lovely Phoebe Jane is climbing. Can we say “heart attack,” anyone? Or maybe “spring fever!” ? I turn around and she’s scaled something, or balanced something on top of something else to get UP. Up up up. It’s hard to get much done when there’s this kind of craziness in your midst. Aahhhh!


And how was your February? Are you ready for March?!

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  1. Ash!!! The shot of Wren in the tub… well… what can I say… I wished I had taken it. darn swell stuff… now you can go take a nap. Ooopppsss… spoke too quickly…Phoebe’s on top of the refrigerator.

    • thanks! Actually it’s out of focus so I was really bummed because I wanted to blow it up. Doh! Next time.

      On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 9:33 AM, Be Squirrely

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