so big and fat

You know how the saying goes, Mamas. Give yourself nine months to take off the weight since it took you nine months to put it on. So here we are, nine months later. And? Well I actually have been feeling healthy and strong thanks to my early morning Boot Camp class and healthier eating, but Wren asked me the other day, “Mama, why are you so big and fat?” I had to think for a bit before saying anything because I was really at a loss for how to respond. “So big and fat.” Really? Am I? Time to look at the numbers again since I’m officially still on the diet plan. I have lost twelve pounds on a good day and about ten on a bad day. Thanks to consistently working out, I have been building muscle, losing inches and getting faster (a 6:58 mile this morning!) Bonus: my clothes have been fitting better. Most importantly, I feel better about my body. After more than five years of either trying to get pregnant, being pregnant three times or nursing, I’m making peace with my body in its current season of life.

And we’re going to stop reading so many ‘opposite’ books (big person, little person) for a while, thank you very much dear library. I need a boost from my peeps!

“So big and fat?” No, not really. Especially when I look back at my “before” photo. Oh my! Not quite “there” yet, but feeling good about being here.


8 thoughts on “so big and fat

  1. Oh Ash, you look beautiful! Your girls look beautiful! All of you—glowing.

    (And I know what you mean about the occasionally embarrassing influence of opposite books!)

  2. I don’t think I have commented before but today, I have to. You look great and you probably know Wren didn’t really mean BIG and FAT;-) What a lovely photo of you and the girls!

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