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I know a lot of you have probably been wondering how the diet‘s been going. Truth be told, while I’m not ready to shop for a new swimsuit anytime soon, I’ve banished my maternity jeans to the basement because they’re too big and dumpy. Six pounds lost will do that I suppose. While six pounds is nothing to sneeze at, it’s also not really enough to write home about, or write a blog post about. But here we are anyway. Me writing, you reading. Let’s get right to it, lovelies. I have not been following the diet 100%, but overall my life is healthier and heading in a better direction. I’m drinking more water, eating lots more filling, healthy salads and have started running a bit again. I’m eating fewer processed carbs and more lean protein, veg, fruit. I’m pretty sure jelly beans aren’t considered fruit though. But have you tried those Starburst jelly beans? Holy wow.

Anyway. A few insights along the way:

  • the chocolate-covered peanut butter eggs have all been eaten. This is good because they are all gone, but bad because I think I ate most of them.
  • spring break is over and the staycation pina colada pity party is less appealing.”Less” being the operative word.
  • so apparently I’m not only an emotional eater, but also a social eater. Can’t seem to say “no, thank you” when someone brings me Easter treats or pizza for dinner or when eating at someone’s house and they’re serving nothing that’s really an “acceptable” diet food. What to do?
  • I sure wish that sausage pizza and nutty donuts were a dieter’s best friends. One can wish, right?
  • I’m not ready to buy any new clothes, but Wren told me the other day that all the pilling on one of my favorite sweaters looked like earthworms so it made me think that I ought to start thinking about a few new wardrobe items.
  • I’ve concluded that people who are able to eat and drink everything in moderation are incredibly boring; I’m thrilled that my husband overdoses on chocolate almost every single day.

So now that Easter is over, we don’t have any major sugar-binge holidays coming up for a while so this ought to be smooth sailing into the summer, right? Ha ha ha. Well, I do have a renewed sense of commitment now that the Peep s’more fest is over and we’re into the season of grilling and lots of fresh vegetables. Oh yeah, and trips to the ice cream stand and a visit from the ice cream truck… there’s always something, isn’t there? And yes, I always seem to have an excuse, don’t I?

Onward into swimsuit season, aaaaaaaaahh!

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  1. Oh … and as I discovered the other night, all Easter candy 1/2 off at CVS. I had $11 in CVS bucks, and after picking up several boxes of Peeps, some Cadbury mini eggs and a solid chocolate egg, I ended up owing 15 cents. Work it out – that means I have about $22 worth of Easter candy in the freezer …. well, I have eaten some of it …. it’s never easy, is it? I’m with you, Ash – moderate eaters are boring …..

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