helping out our feathered friends

Happy Monday, lovelies!

I’m back with another easy kiddo-friendly project to while away the dark days of winter. And a great way to help out our feathered friends… a bird nest helper! Grab a suet feeder or mesh bag and fill it with things that the birdies (or squirrels!) might use to build their nests come the spring. Short pieces of string, hair, dryer lint (if it doesn’t contain chemicals), yarn, pine needles, twigs, you get the idea. Just stay away from plastic or long pieces of string. Who know that pulling hair out of a brush could be so much fun for a toddler?!

Then hang it from a tree where your little ones can keep an eye on it. We’ll have ours near the feeders where our birdie friends come every day.

We’re looking forward to the spring when they really do their nesting. It’ll be here before we know it, but for now we’re uncluttering for the benefit of our feathered friends. Have you been doing any fun indoor (or outdoor!) projects lately with your little ones? Let me know – we’re looking for more fun (easy and meaningful!) things to do in our own nest!

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