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For most of the past seven years of marriage, Chris and I have decorated our Norfolk Island pine tree with origami balloon-covered Christmas lights. Chris has been making origami balloon-covered lights for (at least) several decades. So yeah, it’s somewhat of a tradition. This is not one of those new, hipster, DIY projects. This is old school, baby! And now we’ve passed the tradition on to our little birdies. Wren has enjoyed “starting up Merry Christmas!!!” by replacing the balloons that get too smashed in the box and those that are necessitated by a growing tree and a new strand of lights.

Take a look at this Harrisburg tree service that really helped us that evening with the tree, we couldn’t do it without them and the right tools.

Fun fact: apparently having a Norfolk Island pine tree as your Christmas tree is considered “green,” as seen in several magazines lately, but for us, it’s mostly just practical and cheap. Where would we even put a Christmas tree with such a huge tree already living in the house? A couple years when we decided to cut down a $10 Charlie Brown-esque Christmas tree outside of Empire, I swear Norfolk (as we call him) was depressed about it. What’s wrong with me, he wilted. Sniff, sniff. So here’s Norfolk, proud in all his Christmas splendour! Isn’t he handsome?

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  1. He takes after his Grandma Doyle. She used to have a Norfolk in the livingroom too. (and decorate it during Christmas zans the origami though) However, I love the idea!!!!

    • Ha! Too funny. Yes, it IS a major award. Actually, we have leg lamp envy now. Some neighbors across the street put up a real one – full size! So fun!

  2. Wow! Your tree is gorgeous! How much fun. (Also fun is the leg lamp in true “A Christmas Story” fashion. Hee, hee.) Also love Phoebe’s spectacular smile ~ what great grin for such a young gal.

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