It’s been a very LONG week full of very LONG days, with the little birdie overflowing with tantrums and with me, not having much energy or patience to deal with them. I am trying to be grateful. For where we are. Here. Right now. But it is hard…

Breaking news! Since I wrote the beginning of this post, I have taken the little birdie to the pediatrician after she very clearly complained of her ear hurting (“Mama, my ear hurts.”) Diagnosis? Ear infection! Ah-haaaaaa. I’ve never been so glad to hear that my child is sick. Isn’t that a terrible thing to say (err, write?) Of course, I’m not really grateful that she’s sick, but I’m grateful that we have an explanation for her (crazy!) behavior this week. And I’m so very grateful that she can clearly communicate most things to me.

Oh, little birdie, I am so grateful for you. Get better soon.




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