“but it’s only $5!”

Lovelies, are you like me? Do you often spend money on things that are “only $5!” ? Man, it adds up. If I did that every time I went into a store, which I often do, that would be about three times a week X 52 weeks. Geesh, that’s just about a plane ticket to get me the heck out of here in March. Ahem.

So I thought it would be fun to have a little reminder card to curb this kind of consumer spending. Remember that William Morris quote? “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” Do you agree?

I mostly agree with it, but it’s also this sentiment that is a problem right now: girl, you really don’t have the money to spend on even the “but it’s only $5 items!” And where will I put it or who will clean it and what happens to it when it’s not wanted in our nest anymore? So here goes…

I designed it so it’s a simple business card sized card and can easily fit in front of my credit cards and cash. I might even stick one to my debit card…

Could you use one of these too? Well, you’re in luck. I made a (free!) printable download for you in PDF format. Simply print a sheet (cover stock would be best, but whatever paper will certainly do) and trim down using the crop marks. There are ten on a page. Too many? Pass a few out to friends or leave a few at the Starbuck’s counter…

Click here to download the PDF file: DoIReallyNeedItCards


This is my first crack at printable downloads. What else would you like to see in this format, lovelies? Thanks to my dear friend, Kristen, for the great idea and the encouragement from my Facebook friends. Cheers!





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  1. GREAT IDEA!! I’ve been on Craigslist lately looking for those “bargains” and have noticed a new term applied to old stuff – “upcycled” – have you seen this?

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