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Wow, what a weekend: sunny & 70s, lots of outdoor fun and projects, time with our family, no commitments. Yessssss. One of the highlights of our kick-off to summer weekend was taking a trip to our farmer’s market and loading up on rhubarb. I think rhubarb is one of those love/hate foods. Me? Love. In many forms I like to consume it, but I’m always looking to try something new with it.

Strange side story: we had a rhubarb plant growing here at 605 and harvested some of it last year, but this year, it’s completely gone. And in its place? About 6-8 fern plants. It’s almost like someone came and dug up the rhubarb and replaced it with a mini forest of ferns. I love the ferns so I’m not really complaining, but where-oh-where did our rhubarb go? The ferns marched on over from our neighbor’s ferny corner, so no real mystery there. Did you take my rhubarb, lovelies?

OK, back to our regularly scheduled program…

So my Mom bequeathed us with her ice cream maker last weekend (thank you!) and I loaded up on four pounds of local rhubarb. Things were beginning to come together… I decided to embark on this simple recipe for rhubarb gelato. It sounded perfect – easy and refreshing. Do you like Sweet Tarts? Yeah, me too. You’ll probably really enjoy this one then.

We all did. The little birdie kept saying, “sour,” but she continued to eat most of her cone. It has such an intense flavor that it’s very satisfying. Enjoy!

How do you like to eat rhubarb? Do you have a good strawberry/rhubarb pie recipe and if so, will you share it with me?

Happy Monday!

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  1. I think I want my ice cream maker-machine back. Well, on second thought, since you’re putting it to mighty good use and it would otherwise sit in the basement collecting dust – I’m very pleased it has found a good home. Rhubarb gelato sounds super refreshing! And, as for the birdie, there’s not a great deal she doesn’t like, is there? Enjoy!!!!

  2. I never realized how much I loved rhubarb until the last couple of years! I just recently made Food in Jars’ vanilla rhubarb jam. Another recipe I really like is Rhubarb-Lentil Soup from Cooking Light (recipe is available at myrecipes.com).

    • Me neither, Erin!

      Rhubarb & Lentil soup? Interesting… I will check it out! And the rhubarb-vanilla jam sounds just divine.

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