curse you, USPS

So the invite saga continues… I could just cry, lovelies. But instead I’m just going to be pragmatic about it (sniffle, sniffle) and hand-deliver the invites that were returned to me for additional postage. They weren’t supposed to be in our mailbox yesterday, they were supposed to be in your mailbox. OK, enough complaining. I best make haste and hit the road…

How’s your day going so far?!

0 thoughts on “curse you, USPS

  1. i’m sorry about your invites — i’m sure that will be absolutely greatly appreciated when they arrive in the mailboxes…. my day? pretty good overall except for the part where the child has decided to make going to sleep a semi-nightmare now. lots of crying, few tears (hmm? makes me wonder about the manipulative nature of a 1 year old). molars maybe? or just wanting to stay up and party a little longer… whatever it is, there is unfortunately not an easy solution. even holding her is not working. and the boob is only works for awhile…

  2. Oh, that is a bummer. Square? They are sticklers about size.
    I’ve switched to evite now. so much easier, free and everyone can share in the rsvp process. Chandra just told me about Maybe you’d like that too?
    Or if you could design better ones to use on evite, that would be the best!

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