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Wren is now 20 months old. That means she’s on the cusp of two. Yikes!  In fact someone asked me recently how old she is now and I even said “almost two.” I’m getting a little sick of declaring how many months she is. Other parents of young children understand, but still. Another thing parents of young children understand is that we’re tired of talking about being tired. I think discussing how much (or little!) your child sleeps is just about as interesting as sorting through a sock drawer. It passes the time, but how much does it really say about a person? It’s akin to sharing thoughts on the weather forecast. Everyone does it, but it doesn’t make it meaningful. I’d rather focus on how someone enjoys spending her wakeful hours. So what’s the little birdie really into these days? Thanks for asking.

  • eggs
  • stickers
  • painting, drawing, coloring, scribbling, occasionally eating a marker tip
  • reading books
  • watching Jungle Book and Dumbo
  • dipping Oreos (“Joe Joes!”) into milk and making a huge, yummy mess
  • talking, talking, talking – so many clear words now, I’ve lost count! Yesterday’s additions? Gosh, fun, honey, rats!
  • brushing and flossing her teeth and then spitting into the sink
  • playing with her babies and acting like a baby
  • having a dance party with Papa
  • running in circles around the house
  • Check out the Eco Clean Solutions website (please, God, help me to find half as much enjoyment in cleaning),
  • playing in the snow and riding in her sled while yelling “weeeeeeee!”
  • being sweet one minute and CRAZY the next
  • laughing, goofing around and being the funny one in our nest
  • playing and singing ring around the rosie, trot ole Joe and row, row, row your boat, the wheels on the bus and the itsie bitsie spider
  • watching a slideshow of herself on the computer. Points to the computer and yells, “Wren Wren Wren!”

such a delightful, charming, feisty little girl, that little birdie. Clearly not a baby anymore.

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