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Hello lovelies. How’s 2011 treating you so far? Are you thigh-high in snow too? Feeling motivated by the possibilities that a whole new calendar year offers? Or stumbling through a post-holiday daze and feeling frumpy, dumpy and slightly grumpy like yours truly? Sigh. Raise your hands, let’s take a quick inventory…

I’ve been trying to get excited about a whole new year, but now that we’re a few weeks into it, it feels pretty much the same as before the big holiday rushrushrush and brings similar challenges. Are you experiencing the same kind of post-partum (new year) feelings? I didn’t think I wanted to make resolutions this year, but I’ve been living in an annoying paradox: ungrounded and yet stuck. I decided to revisit last year’s thoughts on resolutions and craft some for this year to give me some direction and a bit more kick to my glide. I’m not sure revisiting last year’s post was even such a great idea because I never made it into that bikini that only lives in dreams I still aspire to wear. Even with Wren still nursing, geesh. Funny boob tangent… Wren says “nurse!” now and it sounds a bit like “nuts!” and while she says it, she pats her chest with both hands like the cartoon gorillas. Funny little birdie!

Ahem. Where was I? Oh yeah.

Part of me wants to just focus on one big, very important idea: Mindfulness. While another piece of me (the squirrely part) wants to take concrete, specific, measurable action (Stop using those yucky Clorox wipes! Lose ten pounds! Do something creative every day! Wipe out all consumer debt! ). So I’m going to wed the two in a ceremony right here. Will you be my Maid of Honor, lovely readers? Will you help to remind me to be mindful of the Now, while I chip away at specific goals bit by bit? Thank you in advance. I heart you and thank you for clicking in on me today.

As for 2011, OK, I think I’m ready for you now. Challenges and all the fluffy stuff too. Go!

0 thoughts on “resolve 2011

  1. Ash,
    I now pronouce you…here.
    Or as Emily D said, the sailor cannot see the North
    But knows the Needle can.

    May mindfulness be your needle.

  2. Ash~

    Love this post and I’m right there with ya! Also, we are still nursing too…sigh… however our little guy doesn’t say nurse, he says boob and then “side” when he wants to switch! How demanding is that?!

    Take care and Happy 2011!

  3. great post ash. one day at a time. that’s what I keep telling myself. 🙂 I, too, feel somewhat ‘stuck’ in january — not looking particularly forward to alternating work with peter for the next oh-i-don’t-know several weeks without a break. Sonia is growing so fast… i’ll be asking you for ideas for her 1st b-day before I know it!!

    one day at a time.

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