18 things

Today our little birdie is 18 months old! I know it’s trite to say “time flies,” but it really DOES. It seems like we just celebrated her first birthday and it also seems like she was just born. Last week, maybe? Time plays tricks on us though because it seems on the other hand that she’s been with us forever; she’s such an integral part of us. So I’ve been thinking about the last eighteen months and what I’ve learned. So here you are, dear readers, 18 things that have dawned on me in the last 18 months…

18 things

  • I do not like yogurt with fruit on the bottom. The time it takes to stir it up to a consistency that will make the birdie happy is not worth the result. At all.
  • I am not particular about diapers. Anymore. First I started out using some cloth, then eco-disposables and now I buy the cheap Target brand and that’s fine with me. At least they don’t sport licensed characters. That’s where I draw the line. Yes, my green guilt has vanished. Bigger fish to fry.
  • A couple Baby Einstein DVDs I checked out from the library have saved the day on many occasions. Do I think they will make Wren smarter? No. Do they buy me 20 minutes while I’m trying to get dinner on the table or have a conference call with a client without a toddler playing with the phone? Absolutely.
  • Here’s where I gush. I had no idea I could love anyone or anything so much. Awww. Really, it’s truly amazing.
  • Being a girl is a lot of fun. Wren has reminded me of this. It’s a riot to dress up, wear colorful things, be obnoxious, cute and silly. We should do more of it, eh?
  • Working from home sounds idealistically dreamy, but it is really difficult. Balance, schmalance.
  • Hot caffeine is so much better than cold caffeine. Plain potato chips are far superior to the super crunchy, kettle-fried kind.
  • I used to love to sleep in whenever I could, but now the only time I get to myself is early in the morning so I’m motivated to get my a** out of bed before life begins to swirl all around me again.
  • I miss going to the movies. Especially the part about escaping to another world and not worrying about someone else.
  • The only thing about being pregnant that I miss is that my hair didn’t fall out then.
  • While I miss the camaraderie of an office environment, I don’t miss wearing “big girl” shoes.
  • Blue eyes are the most beautiful when they’re on your own child. Especially when I never pictured my child with blue eyes.
  • I can now understand why people are protective of their children. She was INSIDE of me after all. Woah.
  • There is not much better in the world than the sound of your child’s laughter.
  • I thought for sure I’d have a child who was a good eater, but after starting off as a good eater, she’s quickly turned into a normal toddler who–left to her own devices–would prefer to only eat candy and sausage. Sigh.
  • I thought the little birdie would be weaned by now too, but the boob is still a fundamental part of her life so that’s how it is and I’m thankful to have this relationship with her. I know a day will come when she’ll want nothing to do with me or my boob (Mom, how ridiculous!), but I’m happy to be the center of her milky universe for now.
  • Even on the days that are difficult and completely draining and only lead to long, sleepless nights, the sight of the little birdie with her big smile and wild hair in the morning never fails to make me smile.
  • I’ve given up reading child-rearing books; they only serve to make one feel bad. I’ve learned to do the best I can on a day-to-day basis and be happy with my choices and know that as long as the little birdie is happy and healthy, laughing and exploring, all is well.

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  1. ashlea — great post!!! what wonderful insight you’ve gained over the exciting last 18 months (plus 9 for the pregnancy). I feel like I’m figuring out some of the same things — baby einstein and sesame street have already helped out :-). happy 18 months to Wren!

  2. Some very nice thoughts.
    Congratulations – You have arrived! (at that place where your ideals and your compromises balance out – where your exhaustion finally lets your insight take over and where your love for your child puts everything else into perspective.

  3. Ash – you’ll know when Wren’s more than ready to give up the boob – when she starts asking for it by name, and unbuttons your blouse herself.

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