It’s all about me?

It sure is easy to get wrapped up in one’s own little corner of Cyberspace, but it’s even more fun to get lost in someone else’s for a while. Agree?

I get lost in Progressive Pioneer‘s world from time to time and usually enjoy what I find.

It’s always thought-provoking even though I don’t always live on the same plane of existence. For example, I was happy to experience natural childbirth in a hospital setting and had a great experience; I don’t need to be in a birthing tub in my house surrounded by people to feel fulfilled. But I love reading about it through some of the birth stories…

Every day I get lost in Design Mom‘s world, but lately I’ve been turned off by the ads. I keep seeing Dodge, McDonald’s and Red Lobster. Gag. But I go back anyway because she always has beautiful insights on things and experiences in the world. Plus she has six kids so I like to imagine what that’s like. I mean, really, what IS that like?! Her blog is a beautifully filtered, curated version of life. Wonderful place to get lost.

And lately, thanks in part to my green thumb obsession, I’ve been checking out Make Grow Gather more often. Speaking of which, my gardens have just started to take off and I have to thin the seedlings today. Looks like microgreens are back on the menu, lovelies! More on that later…

Because of my penchant for everything orange and love of learning how to do new things, I always enjoy a click on over to How About Orange.

I also so very (very) much look forward to reading my lovely sister-in-law’s blog where poetry and food intersect: Middlewest. Poetry and food. Is there much more to life, really?

Where do you like to get lost in Cyberspace? What blows your skirt up? I would love to know. Happy Monday, lovelies.

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  1. A couple years ago, Gabrielle at Design Mom peered back the shimmering curtain and explained that she employs a nanny to help with the kids. I’m also assuming she has someone help with the cleaning, since she rarely talks about the housekeeping the seems to consume 95% of women at home.

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