Holy tomatoes, Batman!

I’m simply amazed. Almost a month ago, I planted heirloom tomato seeds with a (very) liberal, healthy dose of GUARDED hope that they would actually sprout. Well, they did indeed sprout. And they kept going. My experiment was working. Some soil, some unseasonably warm, sunny days (thank you, Climate Change?!), regular waterings and voila! Real tomato plants grew in our sun room. In northern Michigan. And the fat lady sings indeed.

So, as you can see, they got so big that I had to transplant them today. I know, right?! Aren’t you amazed, too? Whew.

I was so thrilled with the whole idea of it all that I had to wear my gardening galoshes  while I transplanted them. Silly, but fun! (Hey, this Mamma doesn’t get out much.)

So I gingerly moved the seedlings to their own pots… Do you think they will miss being closer together? They’ve been together since the womb. What say you, dear readers?

My hands even smell like tomatoes still. It’s lovely.

So here’s the question of the day. I really didn’t think these would do very well so now what will I do with so many tomato plants? I suppose it’s a good problem to have…  and I’m probably jumping the gun here because there will probably be some loss moving forward… but I’m thinking that I better revise my raised bed plan to just have a whole bed devoted to tomatoes. Bliss!

How are your seeds coming along? Have any gardening plans you’d like to share? Tomato recipes?

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  1. Hope they don’t go through any separation anxiety ….. you’re going to have quite a crop assuming they’re not otherwise eaten by creepy crawlies and animals ….. but isn’t the aroma heavenly?

  2. Nice work Ashlea!!!! So impressed! I was just reading in a gardening book that growing tomatoes from seed is often difficult for beginners and that made me real gun shy to try it out. I just planted a bunch of seeds yesterday. We’ll see what turns out! Basil, oregano, chives, sage, radishes, and tomatoes (three types: cherry, black krim and beefsteak). Wish me luck!!!

  3. I’m hoping that I’ll get a plot in my neighborhood community garden. I should find out tomorrow or Wednesday. Fingers crossed. If not, containers.

  4. your tomato seedlings look great!! watch out for the dreaded hornwrom — though i’m not certain if you all get them up North. One little one decimated a couple of my plants last year overnight! I think Peter and I are in the same boat as you — i think i’ll be devoting 1.5 raised beds this year to tomatoes (not just the usual 1). I’ve had good success freezing whole Romas (small round ones) and using them later in soups/lentil dishes. The Heirlooms get eaten right away :-).

  5. I’d tell you to mail some to me, but the orange squirrel sucker didn’t fare well in the mail:( Congats on the green thumb!

  6. I live in Michigan too and last year my tomatoes didn’t survive the transplant. They were doing awesome inside, but died when I planted them in the garden. Any secrets you care to share?

    • Oh no! That is my fear! This is my first year with tomatoes from seed so I WISH I had some secrets to share. Maybe I will in another six weeks (crossing fingers). Finicky Michigan!

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