Hollow or solid?

Top of the mornin’ to ya! Have you consumed anything green yet? We’re having this for dinner. Pretty traditional and super easy. So this mamma says “why not?” Thank you again, Uncle Fester, for making dinner while I take care of my little birdie.

Speaking (err, writing) of food, this consumer tries not to be too swayed by the mountains of Easter candy at the stores, but nonetheless I’ve got The Bunny on the brain. I’ve restrained myself and haven’t consumed any pastel eggs yet. *Yet* being the operative word. But I’m working really hard to resist celebrating the upcoming holiday so early that by the time the actual day arrives, I’m so sick of it I can’t even squeeze in another chocolate egg or bunny-shaped cookie. But I don’t get sick of looking at cute Easter/springy things… do you? I can’t decide which of these t-shirts I like better. Aren’t they darling?

Back to food. What’s your favorite Easter candy? I admit to loving black jelly beans, but I wouldn’t say they’re my absolute favorite. I love it all! Maybe it’s the pretty foiled eggs, or maybe it’s just that almost everything is egg-shaped and it’s such a simple, lovely shape.

But most importantly, dear readers, do you prefer a solid bunny or a hollow bunny? Me? Hollow. The solid ones hurt my teeth.

Boy, was this ever a thought-provoking post. More ruminations on Easter candy in future posts, I promise…

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  1. Most definitely solid. I like to break a big chunk off, admire the teeth marks on the chocolate, and then let it melt in my mouth and get stuck to my palate such that I need a big glass of milk to wash it away before I start again.

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