Snuggle bags.

Who doesn’t need something soft and cozy to snuggle up in? My three nieces and their matching American Girl dolls do! So I made them these fleece snuggle bags (three big, three little), which were *sew* easy and fun to make.

These are great for traveling or just lounging around the house. For simple directions on how to make these snuggle bags, click here. I also added a ribbon detail to the bottom of each so they could easily tidy them up a bit. Simply roll and tie!


My sweet Wren has her 9-month well visit this morning. We will find out just how big she’s gotten in the last few months. Gambling types, want to place a bet?


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  1. How very sweet! What a great idea – the girls will love them! Details on Wren’s 9-month check up when available, please! xoxoxoox

  2. I love the blankets. My kind of sewing. Most of all you used owl fabric. LOVE OWLS!!! Where do you get all of your cute fabric? The girls are lucky to have you as an aunt. As for the 9 month guess…I say 15 pounds 4 oz. and 25 inches (just because it’s todays date, I’m not good at length guessing).

    • Jaymie, I found all the fleece at Joann’s. Some fabric I buy online, but Joann has a great fleece selection. I’ll let you know about the weight/length later. I know she’s over 18 lb though…

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