deep thought.

It’s been a bit rough in our nest this week so I’ll be posting lightly until life gets back on track around here. How goes it in your nest, dear readers? I hope everyone is happy and healthy and not too edgy from your Lenten fasting.

So here’s my deep thought for the day that I had to share with you.

It just hit me today as Wren and I were sitting on the couch together, munching on oyster crackers, that I have said countless times in my life something like, “don’t act like such a baby,” or “she is acting like such a baby.” I think this meant that someone was being whiny and annoying or super emotional and needy. WHAT?! No more! I like babies too much. I had no idea I liked them so much, but I do. They’re awfully needy (duh.), but pretty damn amazing too. I will no longer denigrate babies to describe an adult’s behavior. Isn’t it like someone saying, “this assignment is so gay!?” I remember trying to explain this idea at least several times a week to my students. Crazy teenagers! No, it is not homosexual and furthermore, homosexuals are not bad. And wait, this assignment isn’t either! Sigh.

Anyway. The baby phrase never made me stop in my tracks until now. Go babies! Thank you for another day of sleep-deprived enlightenment. Good night!

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