murphy’s law of parenthood?

Brag and you will get yours. This may be the Murphy’s Law of New Parenthood.

I admit it. I bragged a bit about Wren cutting her first teeth without much of a fuss. I think these were my exact words (spoken out loud. to several people.) “She’s not even fussy AT ALL. Just wakeful.” I think I even bragged further about her having my pain threshold, blah blah. Over the weekend, however, Little Miss Fussy Pants showed up in our nest. And she’s still hanging around. Oof. Thanks, Parenthood 101. Lesson learned. Can we move on now?

The one thing for which I’m grateful with Little Miss Fussy Pants’ recent visit is that because she so rarely visits our nest, it puts our normal Little Miss Sunshine days in perspective. And I want them back. NOW. I just can’t will those teeth to come all the way through and move on with our happy-go-lucky life, can I? Just like I can’t will her to sleep for more than several hours at a time. Oh well.

Here’s another lesson learned just for you today, dear readers. Maybe attempting a detox (no caffeine, sugar, processed foods) at the same time you’re home alone for four days with a teething baby is not the best idea I’ve ever had. But I’m doing it anyway. I thought I would spare Chris the Wrath of Ashlea Off Caffeine, so I decided to embark while Chris is out of town. But I could reaaaaallly use a cup of something strong right now to perk me up after another wakeful night and cranky day. But instead, I’m sipping some herbal tea while munching on a bowl of carrot/ginger soup and a few slices of avocado. Mmmmmmmm. While the wee one sleeps. Aaaaaaaahh.

“No caffeine? Are you crazy?” Maybe.

I just want to be a cheap coffee date again. A cup of coffee meaning something. Sipping a hot mug of joe and really enjoying it. And after a few days without, I’ll feel that way, right? Anyone want to take me out for a cup of coffee next week to find out?


  • I’m so pissed at NBC right now. I thought for sure I could watch the Olympics online, but every time I try to even watch a replay of something that happened yesterday, they want me to register, blah, blah. How archaic is that?!
  • Orange is my favorite color today. Still is. Chris bought me a gallon of orange paint at Home Depot last week and I’ve got a few projects in mind for it. Dresser for Wren’s room and closet morphing into an office for yours truly… Coming soon…
  • When I was a kid I wanted to be an Esprit model. Those kids were really cool, weren’t they? Is Esprit even around anymore?
  • I was spoiled rotten for my birthday week. It was lovely. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!


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