button up.

About a month ago something very special happened. Are you ready for this, dear readers? Are you sitting down?

I sewed on my first button. Gasp!

I’m not sure how I made it almost 33 years without sewing a button, but I seem to have fared pretty well. Then why start now? Don’t you have anything better to do? Thanks for asking. Do you know a Domestic Goddess who can’t sew on a button? I didn’t think so. When you’re a bit of a people-pleasing over-achiever in the 9-5 cubicle world and then you decide you’ll stay home and start a new journey as a mamma, some of those same annoying tendencies might just follow you. (Thankfully without the donut trays, potlucks and mini candy bar jars.) I’m a goal-setter. I don’t usually reach all of them, but I sure like to set them. My new goal now that I’m out of the office: Domestic Goddess. Not like “I make my marshmallows from scratch” Martha Stewart and not too crunchy either (I will NOT be sewing my own maxi pads), but somebody in between. Maybe like the imagined love child of Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver?

Mission: Cook with the seasons, craft for a creative outlet and hope people like the stuff, try not to kill our house plants and have a big organic vegetable garden that isn’t eaten by the bunny rabbits…

Clean? Still waiting for that bug to bite me… NOTE: I actually took a break while writing this post to Swiffer the floors, fold a load of laundry and clean a toilet… the guilt was too much. But I digress.

To my knowledge, my first button is still attached. Here it is on the drink sleeve that I made for Chris. Before the fancy new sleeve, he used a paper towel to protect his hand from his steaming hot jar of tea, but not anymore!

I was so excited with my new skill that I made a bunch of coffee sleeves for other people too. Please don’t tell me if your buttons have fallen off. Let me live out my fantasy a bit longer…

I’m showing this project to you because if I can learn how to sew on a button, which is still attached a month later–seriously–anyone can! What skills do you want to master this year? What creative outlets do you have? Whose imagined love child do you aspire to be?


  • I don’t think I could live without my Burt’s Bees lip shimmer – Fig.
  • Orange is my favorite color today. Yep, still is.
  • I ate in a TGI Fridays in Prague one time and am completely embarrassed about it. The potato skins were god-awful. Go figure.
  • Generally speaking, I like dogs more than people most of the time.


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  1. This is crazy Ashlea! I had a dream last night that Kai’s first words were ” new buttons”. I’m not joking–ask Ken! Good for you on learning the art. 🙂

    Anyway, the skill I want I want to learn is to bellydance. My creatve outlet is taking my 4-H skills and actually sewing a bit myself. And I would aspire to be the love child of any author of Real Simple magazine for all their knowledge of organization and helpful tips and His Holiness the Dalai Lama for his beautiful patience, compassion, and kindness.

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