Welcome to my Blog about creating a nest worth sharing. Yet another fantastic Cyber time-suck for both of us! Hopefully it becomes a bit more than that…

Sunday morning coffee

Something about me.

I’m a new mamma to one seven-month old dynamic and lovely daughter, Wren Sabina. I never thought I’d be a “house wife,” with a lot of expensive liberal arts education behind me while still paying off student loans, but alas, here I am on a new adventure. Working from home in several capacities keeps me out of too much mischief: taking care of Wren (obviously), domestic goddessing (guffaw) through cooking, crafting, gardening and begrudgingly cleaning, and then there’s the work that helps pay the bills — and provides me with some cerebral activity — too. I have a wonderful husband, Chris, and we enjoy fixing up our 1928 “bungalonial,” but we’d rather sit on the porch together and wait patiently for the hairless cat across the street to emerge.


  • I love coffee (strong, black, with a bit of cream; just like our President). See how I just threw in some politics?
  • Be squirrely? I have a long-standing love/hate relationship with squirrels. They amaze me with their tenacity, but I also despise them when they eat my crocus bulbs. Therefore, I eat them to please my dear husband.
  • Orange is my favorite color today.
  • Procrastination is my primary character flaw. Right now, this Blog will serve as my way to procrastinate what I need to do today. Someday, I’m sure I’ll find something else that I will use to procrastinate updating my Blog.
  • When Wren’s asleep, we look at photographs of her. We are obsessed and think she’s one of the coolest people we’ve ever met. She’s incredibly charming and has excellent peripheral vision.

Enough for today. I need to change someone’s diaper STAT, organize the tea caddy and design a few fliers.


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  1. Good going – a very good beginning – looking forward to more. The more you write, the more of ME I see in you. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, only you can say.

  2. keep it up Ash! you are a good writer and people will enjoy your style and your sense of humor. Go see forest sometime- as a new mom she’d love to see you and -maybe- her future girlfriend… love, mimi

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