sisters today – 1

There are a lot of people doing a weekly portrait series of their children this year, inspired in large part by Jodi and her beautiful, natural portraits of her children. I’m going to try and do a sisters portrait series this year – perhaps more of a challenge for me to get the two together? Are you pushing yourself to do anything different this year with your photography?

Day 1: Sisters at Play




Northport Knots

Sometimes when I have the camera around my neck I feel like I see things in a way my Dad might, or at least I am hopeful that I will. The lines at the Northport Boatyard caught me eye and I had to grab a few shots. I know almost nothing about boating, but there is beauty in the mundane, no? Enjoy.

I overheard a couple of the boaters talking as I was grabbing a couple shots. “What is she taking pictures of, the lines?” Funny looks were exchanged. A chuckle. I felt a bit smug that I was enjoying a tiny bit of the beauty that they walk by fifty times a day. Sometimes it takes an outsider’s eye to draw our attention to what’s right in front of us.

May your day bring you beauty in the mundane day-to-day routine. Enjoy!

Don’t forget the beauty in the messes…