10 months!

The littlest birdie in our nest is now 10 months old! Oh, Phoebe Jane, you make everyone smile. No teeth yet, but you are really working hard at experiencing everything with your little mouth. Turns out a fresh-off-the-vine tomato is a good teething tool. You’re also starting to make your way around the world by doing a bottom scoot, which is not unlike how your sister scooted, but also very much your own. You are more like a little bunny hopping across the floor. Or the beach…

We love you little darling Phoebe Jane. But 10 months already?! How did that happen so quickly?

nine months

The littlest birdie in our nest is nine months old today. Oh bright and shining one, we can’t stack up the blocks fast enough for your quick little hands. We hope you come to know how deeply you are loved even though your sister enjoys pushing you over and stealing your pacifier when she just can’t take how adorable you are anymore. Your big sister just adores you though, Phoebe Jane, and we know this because most mornings instead of running out of her room and coming to find us, we hear her run down to your room and snuggle up and play with you. This makes a Mama’s heart sing.

We are so blessed to have your beauty and joy in our presence, Phoebs. XO