Northport Knots

Sometimes when I have the camera around my neck I feel like I see things in a way my Dad might, or at least I am hopeful that I will. The lines at the Northport Boatyard caught me eye and I had to grab a few shots. I know almost nothing about boating, but there is beauty in the mundane, no? Enjoy.

I overheard a couple of the boaters talking as I was grabbing a couple shots. “What is she taking pictures of, the lines?” Funny looks were exchanged. A chuckle. I felt a bit smug that I was enjoying a tiny bit of the beauty that they walk by fifty times a day. Sometimes it takes an outsider’s eye to draw our attention to what’s right in front of us.

May your day bring you beauty in the mundane day-to-day routine. Enjoy!

Don’t forget the beauty in the messes…

in a trance

Behold some beauty, lovelies. My Mom (thanks, Mutti!) sent my brother and I each a package of trance lanterns and we chose to explore this whole fire-with-young-kids thing together. It was so fun and incredibly beautiful. Have you seen these yet? I haven’t seen them sold locally yet, but you can get them here on Amazon. As Wren likes to say, “and they don’t make any noise!” She does NOT like the noise of fireworks. These would be great for any celebration out in a meadow or near the water where you could gaze up at a lot of them at once. En masse, lovelies, en masse. We’re going to set off a few more tonight with the other cousins. More fire-with-young-kids fun!



in the D

We escaped the big storm that brought twenty (or more) inches of weavy, het snow to northern Michigan and got a city fix in the D this past weekend with my Mom. Thanks, Detroit, for being sunny and snow-free for our visit. We played tourist… ate Opa! and olives in Greektown, picked out desserts at the Astoria and visited the Detroit Insitute of Arts. Phoebe slept the entire D visit until the modern wing. So I nursed her amidst the big, abstract pieces while Wren melted down in need of a nap… There was a lot of “why?” and “wow!” as we wandered around the museum and it made this Mama happy. Never too young to enjoy art.


clever friend

Last weekend I celebrated my 35th (!) birthday. One of my favorite surprises came in the form of a birthday letter written on three postcards that were transformed into a puzzle. Such a thoughtful gift with a fun activity for Wren and me. Bonus: the pieces were hidden in all the pockets of a funky orange bag, yesssssss. Why didn’t I think of this clever idea!? Because that’s what clever friends (thanks, Beth) are for, lovelies. Yes, indeed I will be stealing this idea and passing it on to other friends. You?

made by little hands

We had a lot of fun last weekend making these pretty little tissue paper candle holders that we spotted over at The Artful Parent. It was a good project for chubby little hands and a fairly short attention span. And a very limited gift budget! Unlike a lot of toddler-made gifts, these are actually useful and beautiful. And not just beautiful in that awww, Wren made this so it’s beautiful kind of way. But really, truly lovely as the light flows through them during the day and filled with candlelight at night too.

Bonus: you’ve probably got (almost) everything you need to make these. I bought candle holders at the dollar store, but baby food jars or jelly jars would be great too. Tissue paper? Check. Mod Podge? Check. Supposedly watered-down Elmer’s glue would work too, but I love Mod Podge. It dries clear and is water-proof. Glitter? Check. Foam brushes? Check. Go!

Are you enjoying a hand-made Christmas? I had grand plans for a hand-made Christmas, but we’ve just dipped our toes in that proverbial water this season with a few small projects and lots of edibles. But with a long winter stretching out ahead of us, we’ve got ambitions for lots of creative pursuits. I would like to make some art of my own too. Someone asked Wren recently if she watches me paint and she said, “no, Mama doesn’t paint.” Boo hoo! It reminded me that I haven’t painted in way too long and it saddened me that she didn’t see me in my own creative work. Just washing the dishes, which she is proud to declare. Sigh. So there’s a good resolution for the coming year: make time for my own creative work. And a helluva lot more fun than the standard “lose thirty pounds! Work out every day! Stop eating sugar!”

What about you, parents. How do you find time for your own creative work? Is it important to you that your children see you creating as well?

scenes from the nest: circles




One thing that’s fun about having a little person around is that it makes you look at the world through new eyes. It’s refreshing to try to simplify the world’s visual beauty and chaos into the basic building blocks: colors and shapes. Did you also see the series on stripes that I posted the other day? Enjoy!

This last photo was taken last weekend on our trip to the Iris Farm. Wren and I thought these geese were very funny. And spoiled with so many pools. I dare say that the little birdie might have been jealous of her feathered-friends…