carving out a bit of space

While her sister is being showered with birthday wishes, presents and almost daily “she’s the world’s cutest baby!” attention, our almost three-and-a-half year old is carving out a private space for herself behind the couch. It’s really the only space where Phoebe can’t possibly get to and I’m certainly not going to lift her up and over to join her sister, although she begs for me to. Because she wants to be wherever the biggest birdie is. At all times. Wren has started to slam the door to the bathroom when she needs to use it and yell, “I need some privacy!” Phoebe scoots on over, stands up on the door and bangs her hands on the closed door. Speaking of which, I needed to get some plumbers for drain cleaning, because it had been causing too much of a problem. Just a preview of the teenage years or are they getting it out of their system now? Oh my.

Some people told me that three was harder than two, but mostly we’re enjoying it. Wren likes to talk about everything and anything, she has an incredible sense of humor and is really into pretend play and helping around the house. Tantrums have mostly disappeared, but those may have been replaced by whining… Sigh. She enjoys going to school, going to dance class and playing with friends. She is very social, so it’s interesting to me that she’s begun to also seek some space just for herself.

Oh biggest birdie, we love you oh-so-very-much. We ALL love to see you change and grow. xo