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Happy Weekend, lovelies! This beach photo from less than a week ago (!) really seems crazy to me as we’ve had frost/freeze warnings the last couple nights here in northern Michigan and we’ve rediscovered our fleece jackets and sock drawers again. Summery summer is over. How do you feel about that? I love wearing a scarf, so I’m in heaven…

I realized that it’s been a long time since I did a Friday “click on,” so here goes… Some fun places for you to get lost in ye ole Cyberspace this weekend. Enjoy!

What’s been blowing your skirt up lately? Send me a link. XO

Gift Guide

Spread your love of the great mitten state this holiday season with some ode-to-Michigan gifts. Lord knows Michigan could use all the love we could give it…

1) Midwest is Best tote bag. Spread the midwest love while grocery shopping or a trip to the library. Or how ’bout presenting your gifts in these totes instead of wrapping paper?

2) For your favorite green thumb in your life, how ’bout a Midwest Seed Bomb? Make flowers, not bombs!

3) I love Fordite jewelry, like these Fordite earrings. Do you know what Fordite is? Fordite is multi-layered, automotive enamel. The original leftover paint slag, or “rough”, was made years ago by the old-fashioned industrial techniques used to spray-paint multiples of production cars in large Ford automobile factories. So unique, so Michigan, so beautiful, no?

4) A Michigan-themed gift box from Great Lakes Tea & Spice. This is the perfect family gift idea, which includes the classic Caldecott-honor book, Paddle-to-the-Sea, and several kinds of tea.

5) For the all-Michigan, all-organic foodie: the Cherry Supreme gift box from Food for Thought. Cherry Cabernet jam, dried cherries, Cherry Raspberry jam…, need I say I more?

6) Too young to eat the dried cherries? Bummer. How ’bout a wooden Michigan teething ring. So cute!

7) Strapped for cash this year, but still want to send a little Michigan cheer? Send one of these Michigan mitten notes! I love these, don’t you?

Dear readers, do you have any other ode-to-Michigan gift ideas? I’d love to share them in the upcoming weeks. Until then, a big shout out to our dear mitten state, woot woot!