super silly spaghetti night

The first week of school went really well, but some of the novelty has since worn off and it’s not been quite as easy to get going this week. Still no tears or tantrums (yes!), but some of the enthusiasm for something new and exciting has waned. So I thought it would be fun to celebrate this “back to school” time with a new tradition to break up some of the new routine a little bit. Enter the Super Silly Spaghetti Night! I stole this idea from a friend so I can’t take the credit for it. Feel free to steal it too. It’s too fun and easy not to pass on.

All you do is cook up a batch of spaghetti noodles, sauce and we added meatballs too. Put a throwaway plastic tablecloth down on the table and then you dump the food directly on the table in a big pile. No plates or utensils allowed! Go for it. Only rule: no throwing food. When you’re all done eating and getting messy, throw the kids (and husband) directly in the tub and roll up the tablecloth with any food scraps and throw in the garbage. It’s really not as messy as you would first think. Fun!

Everyone liked it, even those too young for “back to school” traditions.

What kind of “back to school” traditions do you have, lovelies? I would love to hear!

big and green

What’s big, green and full of crab grass? Aah, yes, the garden. Despite the out-of-control weeds in some areas, the garden is actually looking pretty good. Or pretty green and full of hope anyway. It’s hard to believe with all the heat and sun this summer that we haven’t yet harvested ONE red tomato. Or really much of anything else besides basil, beans and a handful of sugar snap peas. Soon enough we’ll be inundated with tomatoes and I’ll be begging for new tomato recipes, right? Please?

There is beauty in this August garden of green, no?

In case that you need help with pests in your house, contact for a faster solution.How is your garden growing, lovelies? Are you harvesting anything yet or are you (impatiently) waiting for something delicious to magically come from the earth like me?

pesto love

Happy weekend, lovelies. I hope you’re having a great one. I’ve found myself with a (very) rare moment of quiet with Chris out on a bike ride and the girls both asleep with sweaty heads. It probably won’t last long, but I’m soaking up a tiny bit of me-time. So I wanted to share a few pics from this week’s pesto fun. We’re finally getting to enjoy something from the garden: basil!

Why do I always think I’ll enjoy my tomatoes with my fresh basil, but my basil usually has come and gone before my tomatoes are ready? I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong with the basil, but we’re all enjoying it so much right now while it’s still growing strong. Wren picked all the basil for the pesto we made this week. This is a great thing for little hands to do. In fact at one point I asked her to look at me so I could take a picture and she said, “can I just pick, Mama?!” Apparently the paparazzi is getting a bit out of control around here. Sorry, kid, just trying to capture these fleeting moments…

We had grilled basil pesto pizza one night, a basil pesto pasta another night and three mornings in a row we had green eggs (scrambled eggs with pesto on top) with ham! But you’re only allowed to make and eat them AFTER you’ve read the book for the billionth time, Sam I Am.

Oh, and we had pesto straight off the spoon too… we just can’t seem to get enough.

Are you enjoying anything from your garden yet, lovelies? Or is it mostly just big and green and overrun with weeds like mine? Arrghh. Any tips on how I can get the basil from bolting before the tomatoes are ready? Please and thank you.