Wren started kindergarten last week. How did that happen?! I can’t quite believe it, but at the same time it seems just about right. She’s absolutely ready for it and tells me that so far she’s “rocking Kindergarten!” The day after Kindergarten started she was singing and dancing around, “I’ve been waiting my whole life for this day. I’m finally in Kindergarten!” Um, OK, five year old…

Even though she’s excited about it, full of confidence, popping out of bed in the morning, excited about new friends and learning Spanish and writer’s workshop… I have been grieving the loss of my baby. It really struck me right before Kindergarten started. I was a wreck. But the day came I was able to hold it together. This isn’t really about me. Roots and wings, roots and wings.

You’ve got roots and we’ll continue to nourish those for the rest of your life, but birdie, you’ve got WINGS. Fly!

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first day of Primary

Big week! Wren started her first week of Primary at our public Montessori school. It’s mostly been full of smiles, but a few chants of “I want to stay home with you!” come out half-heartedly every morning. She says it like she thinks she’s supposed to say it, but not like it’s 100% what she thinks and feels. There have been no tears. Yet. Bittersweet!

We’re slowly getting into our new routine and I think it’s going to be great for us. We have every morning together before she goes to school in the afternoon for a few hours. Because I know our time is limited and we don’t have the entire day stretching out ahead of us, we’ve been having fun-filled, unrushed, messy, creative mornings. Plus lots of time for snuggles and books upon waking up. I’m not ready to give up my mornings to school yet!

The afternoons are a little crazy with either a late nap that pushes the bedtime into the late evening or no nap that makes for a long evening with the tasmanian devil sometimes making her appearance… Ahem. We’ll get there and the darkness at 8:30 is helping to push the bedtime up a bit and for this I am very thankful.

It sure is quiet around here in the afternoons though and I think Phoebe is really missing Wren’s energy… and so am I.