After a great night’s sleep, Wren woke up at 5:30 this morning. This is rare for our birdies so I almost didn’t know what to do with her so early. I pushed her in the Chariot for an early morning run and then she bopped around the house for a while after breakfast. She started whining about wanting to watch a movie, which I almost caved to, but then she started talking about wanting to go on an adventure to Sand Mountain. Again. At first I said “no, not today,” but then I thought “why not?” because we’ve got HOURS until she has to go to school. Let’s do it!

We brought some snacks and we kidnapped our good friend, Heidi, for part of the fun. It was a perfect morning. Warm sun, cool breezes, hardly a cloud in the sky. Thanks, Wren, for the great idea! And here’s to impromptu adventures, lovelies. I’m going to try and do more this fall. You?


Return to Sand Mountain

I’m not really a nostalgic person; I don’t usually try to relive great moments; I also don’t really enjoy sitting around and chatting about the “good ole days.” But when Chris suggested heading out to the Dune Climb, aka Sand Mountain, I jumped at it. But it wasn’t really because we had such a great time there earlier this fall. It was because it seemed daunting to take our whole family of four (!) out there and I knew it would do all our spirits (and lungs) good to GET OUT. And we did it! And had a great time. Every time I get out with both girls and get home safely without any complete meltdowns or disasters, I feel like I won the lottery. Maybe not a big, retire-now-and-travel-the-world lottery, but a decent one. Yes!