Early last year I decided I wanted to work out of the home again so I searched, interviewed and found a part time marketing & communications position. I work three days and the girls are together at a wonderful preschool those days. That leaves us with a couple at-home days to nest, create, snuggle, bake, make a fort under the table and play catch-up with each other. One of those has recently turned into our activity (dance, gymnastics) and errand day and I’ve tried to keep Tuesdays as our truest at-home day.


It’s been a wonderful pseudo-balance for all of us. The girls are very social so they truly enjoy other adults and kids; school is great for this. And I enjoy the space to focus on work and not also everything else (as much as a Mama can). It feels like a luxury to be at work and just focus on work after trying to work from home for the previous four years. I know some people can do it, but it was so hard for me to focus on work when there’s so much other work to be done at home. There is always a pile of laundry. There is always a pile of dishes. There is always a toilet that needs to be scrubbed… sigh. More importantly, when the kids were around while I was tackling a deadine, I wasn’t doing anything well; I wasn’t paying enough attention to them and I wasn’t able to focus on my work either. Lose, lose.

Tuesdays with Mama? Win, win.

Wren will be in kindergarten next fall (!) so these full days at home with no rigid agenda are fleeting indeed. Create on!



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