Harold at the North Pole



You know Harold and his amazing purple crayon, but have you read Harold at the North Pole (Harold and the Purple Crayon)? It’s this year’s favorite Christmas book that we checked out at the library. We just love Harold and his imagination, don’t you? I get those oh-my-goodness chills when we turn to the snowstorm pages. Incredible work, Harold.


What Christmas books are holding the attention of the birdies in your nest this year?

2 thoughts on “Harold at the North Pole

  1. Our girls are loving The Polar Express this year. I think they’re finally reaching an age where they love imagining themselves on the train. Still not getting the whole “believe” aspect of the book, but that’s ok.

    We are also reading:
    Winter Story by Jill Barklem
    Snowmen At Night
    The Story of the Snow Children by Sibylle von Olfers
    Dream Snow by Eric Carle
    The Nutcracker by ETA Hoffman
    Christmas in the Big Woods (this version- we love these books)

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