November blues

I dread November. It’s not that there aren’t wonderful things in November. There are. My nephew will turn four, my husband will turn 45 (!) and we have a fun Thanksgiving to look forward to with family. We’ll get to re-elect my President (!)… Despite all these experiences ahead, November is always a tough month for me. There is a house full of candy and it’s gray and cold but not really snowy: a bad combination! My favorite parts of fall–the colors–are gone. It’s hard to get out and enjoy it with lots of cold, rainy days ahead. Sigh. Anyway, enough whining. I’m here to ask you, lovelies. Help me come up with several ways to make this the BEST NOVEMBER EVER! Ready… set… go! Please leave your ideas in the comment area. Please and thank you!

9 thoughts on “November blues

  1. November is the time for house projects. Things you have been meaning to do, even the littlest picture framed. I try to do little things that bring beauty in, like framing Wren’s card…so much fun to shower next to? But truth be known, it is hard month for me too.

  2. Yes, it is dreary at times, perhaps start a craft project that can be put out for Christmas. Start some flower bulbs for indoors. Do what you can so you are not stressed to the gills in December.

  3. My girls like to trade their candy in for a special trip to the bookstore for a couple of new books! Hang in there. . . and maybe take a few walks alone if you can.

  4. Feed the birds close to your windows – they are very active at my house especially at the nutty suet. Keep a gratitude journal-try this blog:
    Get outside as much as you can – lots of clothing for whatever the weather brings. My best to you.

  5. I agree, November is rough as it gets dark so early here. Last year, the little one would get up from his afternoon nap & it’d already be getting dark. Most afternoons, we’d then bundle up and walk around the neighborhood, looking at the Christmas lights & decorations. Yes, I definitely o.d.ed on all the blow-up Santas & snowglobes, but he was entertained & I always felt better afterwards, having embraced the cold, darkness.

  6. Thought of another idea to brighten November that you may already know of. November 11 is St. Martin’s Day in Germany (and probably elsewhere). With such a large German presence in Milwaukee, it’s actually celebrated somewhat here. Prior to the holiday, kids make lanterns (some out of paper mache). On the night of, there’s a lantern parade around the neighborhood, with the kids walking along, glowing lanterns in hand, some singing songs. Some other traditions associated with this are to end the lantern parade with a bonfire, little loaves of bread shaped like men or gingerbread swords (to symbolize St. Martin’s sword). Kind of a nice tradition to do with younger kids during these dark times that doesn’t focus on consumerism/excess.

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