a few apples

To kick off my favorite season, I took the girls apple-picking one day after school. Turned out to be a great activity for little hands and short attention spans because it didn’t take long to pick about a peck of apples and be on our way! Like the cherries in our area, the apples are in short supply this year because of the crazy spring (hot then cold) and are really expensive. U-pick was a great way to get them on the cheap. We took them home and within a few hours had eaten two fresh and eight more in an apple pie. Yum. Happy fall!

5 thoughts on “a few apples

  1. We just went apple picking took! The little one loved it. However, like MI, we hardly have any apples here. The one place we found with u-pick was like the Disney World of apple picking – far cry from the tranquil, pastoral orchards where we have gone in the past. However, the guys had fun anyway & it really makes one reflect on our food & Mother Nature, given the sparse amount of apples this year.

    • fun! What kind of apples did you pick? I was really missing the metro Detroit apple orchards myself! Although I have heard they have become very Disney World-like as well, boo.

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