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What’s big, green and full of crab grass? Aah, yes, the garden. Despite the out-of-control weeds in some areas, the garden is actually looking pretty good. Or pretty green and full of hope anyway. It’s hard to believe with all the heat and sun this summer that we haven’t yet harvested ONE red tomato. Or really much of anything else besides basil, beans and a handful of sugar snap peas. Soon enough we’ll be inundated with tomatoes and I’ll be begging for new tomato recipes, right? Please?

There is beauty in this August garden of green, no?

In case that you need help with pests in your house, contact for a faster solution.How is your garden growing, lovelies? Are you harvesting anything yet or are you (impatiently) waiting for something delicious to magically come from the earth like me?

8 thoughts on “big and green

  1. Like you we’ve had beans and basil. We have gotten lots of cherry tomatoes though. My 3 yo picks beans with us and eats them like a champ. He’s psyched when he gets the hose to water and spray his sister of course!

  2. the summer heat here did a number on our potted tomatoes… basil was rampant early on, got dried out with the heat and now we are seeing a second round. The tomatoes also are somewhat reviving with temps down in the low 90s now! next year hopefully we’ll be back in the ground again… it was just too much for us to handle this year. hope you are well and have been thinking about you!

    • maybe a fall garden? I’ve been thinking of planting a few things in the areas that have not done well in the summer garden… like three rows of corn, which the squirrels have reduced to TWO lonely corn stalks. Boo!

      miss you!

  3. My garden has just now started to give me almost more than I can handle. Something new I am trying this year is sun drying tomatoes in the car. That, right. Just slice in half, lay face up on a baking sheet, place on the dash board on a hot day. I hope your bounty comes soon!

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