eight months

Little sister Phoebe Jane is eight months old. She (we) had a rough time last week with a wakeful, clingy, cranky, restless babe. Teething? This week she’s a lot better and I’ve been able to actually put her down for a little while without lots of screaming and crying involved. Sigh. Don’t you hate it when your wee ones are out of sorts, but they can’t tell you why yet?

We just love this little one. I thought she was going to be more “laid back” than Wren, but she is beginning to assert herself. In the long run, I love this in my girls. But on a day-to-day basis, geesh, a tiny bit of ease would be lovely. Universe, can you please help me out here?

Rocks from the Big Lake are apparently great teethers. Phoebe discovered this for herself, that smart little birdie of mine.

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