strawberries v squirrels

Lovelies, we’ve had a tragedy of sorts at 605. The squirrels have destroyed our (insert your chosen expletive here) strawberry patch. Well, not the entire patch. Just the almost perfectly ripe strawberries. Sniff sniff. So what’s a strawberry-loving Mama to do? Pick twenty pounds of strawberries and make some very strong strawberry daiquiris to drown our sorrows in, of course. Plus, it was almost 90 degrees and what else is there to do? Don’t answer that, air conditioning folks. At least there was a breeze… Apparently when it gets really hot, my mind says let’s get out and sweat in a hot, dusty field like when we were in North Carolina. Well, we had a great time again despite the heat. What’s not to love about the reward? Strawberry smoothies, strawberry daiquiris, strawberry shortcakes, strawberry muffins, bowls of strawberries for breakfast, lunch, dinner… Take that, squirrels.

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  1. I gave up on strawberries this year :(. I couldn’t beat the birds and the sal bugs that got to at least half of my ripe berries before I could.
    The garden space was too precious to squander, so I reluctantly pulled them up and gave the plants away. I wish we had a strawberry farm close enough to go picking ourselves. Great solution!

  2. I feel your pain. We finally fenced out most of the rabbits from our yard (minus those couple of cute babies that still keep squeezing through), but now the chipmunks have taken over. Who knew they loved marigolds & basil so much? How do the strawberry patch folks keep out the critters? (Maybe I don’t want to know the answer to that…)

  3. those are wonderful pictures…if it makes you feel any better i’ve heard many reports of chipmunks aka microbears destroying strawberry patches this summer. The neighbor has killed 23!!!! in his patch. Do u have any live traps?

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