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You know about the Slow Food movement, well I’m here to tell you that there’s another movement in the works: Slow Gardening. We’ve made minor progress with our garden and we good some new plants from a indoor plant store this year and everything has taken seemingly for-ev-er to get done. Let’s just say that this Mama is (finally!) understanding that everything naturally slows down with little ones underfoot and in arms. And this is OKAnd this is OK. And this is OK. Although it was 90 and humid this weekend (what, northern Michigan?!), it’s still been freezing a bit early in the mornings so that has helped me to find some contentment with feeling behind with my gardening work. I’ve seen neighbors covering up their seedlings at night and I’m thankful I don’t have one more “baby” to snuggly tuck in at night.

Plus my gardening helpers are really cute with their sweaty, dusty little heads so I’ve got that going for me…

And really, I just looked back at last year and we had also JUST planted the majority of the seeds this very same week. Sigh of relief! Phew.

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  1. I have another new method that I am using as I move my plants over to our new home. My dogs dig a whole in our new backyard which there are many now and i put a plant in! Is that nature by design or just being resourceful?

  2. I hear you! With two little ones of my own, I just had to let it be OK if I got things done one at a time in the garden. Amend a bed one day, plant the next, lay down soaker hose a week later, then find time another day to mulch. That is how it is around here, and it works! Good luck getting the seeds in the ground.

    • Good to know I’m not the only one fumbling around with the kids and the garden chores. One day (hour, minute, second) at a time!

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