carrots and panties

Lovelies, big things are happening in our nest this week. Enter carrots and panties! Wren is so excited that she tells random people in the store or while walking down the sidewalk, “Phoebe Jane is eating solid foods now!” quickly followed by, “and I’m wearing panties!” I kind of feel for the unassuming middle-aged man in the grocery store, carefully choosing his shredded cheese. All of a sudden there is an ebullient little girl at his heels squealing, “I’m wearing panties now!!!!” I just smile and keep walking. Oh, wait, is that my child…

I’m always thrilled when a baby begins the journey into solid foods, one of life’s greatest adventures and joys. Phoebe seems to have taken to it really well, slurping up carrots and pears with gusto. Our doctor thought this might help her sleep a longer stretch at night. Ha ha ha. So far this has not proven to have helped one lick (oh man, that was a pretty bad pun), but it’s so fun to have such a sweet spirit with us at the dinner table anyway. Big adventures, lovelies! Happy weekend.

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  1. Those are some big milestones! I share Wren’s excitement. I’m with you on the rough nights. We’re nine months in and still up more than I want to admit (as in, over 4 times a night). Cuddling in bed just seems to be the way our bedtime works nowadays.

    • Thanks, Lisa! Quite a few milestones around here. I’m not sure why I thought Phoebe would be a better sleeper than Wren was when she was a baby… maybe because she WAS sleeping an occasional longer stretch of 4, 5 or the occasional 6 hours when she was 2-4 months old. But now? I think she’s up to nurse about 6 X a night. Just soothing and a bit of snacking… Thinking I need to wake to keep her awake for a longer, more satisfying feeding and hopefully get a few more hours out of her? These nights are loooong. And short at the same time!

      Good luck with sweet Willa! I think Wren was still waking up at least a couple times til she was well over a year old… sigh. How ’bout with the other two?

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