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Wren is tickled that I’m trying to learn something new. Knitting! This photo is deceiving because I really only completed a few rows myself and my patient sister-in-law completed the rest for me, but it’s the most knitting I’ve ever done. I’ve attempted knitting at least three times over the last ten years and threw in the (wool) towel when things got too messed up and I didn’t know how to fix it or even cast on to start over. This time I’m going to complete this scarf, even if it will be too warm to wear it when I’m done…

Isn’t this “glazed carrot” yarn beautiful? It’s from Wool & Honey and it makes me smile. And feel cozy.

Learning anything new this year?


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  1. Knitting will also keep you from thinking about eating, well sorta anyway. That color is beautiful! I like your post yesterday about dieting, it’s on my to do list as well. Did some yard work on Sunday (putting up a fence around one flower bed to keep the new dog out of it). Boy did I feel that on Monday, need to do more squats and lifting before the spring season is really here.

    I hope to make it to Wool & Honey on one of my trips up to our camp this summer. I hope to learn how to make a rug this year….

  2. Yay! So glad to see the yarn love. This year I’m going to try starting some seeds. I mean, I did it when I was little, but it’s been about 25 years….so that’s new, right?

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