mouths of birdies

My Mom reminded me that I should be writing all the funny things Wren says down in a notebook. Notebook?! Well, I don’t have a notebook for said (written?) purpose, but did I mention that I have a blog? So I will keep this post updated with a running list of funny things from the mouths of my birdies. Here goes…

During lunch on Tuesday, Wren sits down and says, “well, what should we talk about today?” Can I just interrupt this original train of thought by sharing that she really says that and I just think it’s the cat’s meow? OK. So I say, “let’s talk about what you did in school this morning.” Wren says, “no, let’s talk about baby Jesus.” Me: “um, OK.” So we start to talk about how baby Jesus grew up into a little boy and then a young man and he did lots of wonderful things and was REALLY good at sharing. I tried to keep it simple and describe things in a way she could relate to. So fast forward to dinner that night and I tell Chris about our interaction during lunch. So he asks Wren, “what do you know about baby Jesus?” She says, “baby Jesus turned into a beautiful man.” Chris: “what made him beautiful?” Wren, without missing a beat, “glitter.”

“Mama, when I grow up, I’m NOT going to be a hedgehog, I’m going to be a squirrel that lives up in the trees with rabbits.” And then she laughs, “just joking, Mama. I’m going to be a Cheeto when I grow up.”

Wakes up in the morning and FIRST thing she says is, “I was thinking that we could go get some gelato.”

“When I grow up, Phoebe can nurse on my boobies.”

Wren at the gym after running around non-stop for an hour. Feels chest/pumping heart… “wow, my heart is really pumping my blood around today!”

“Wren, please go upstairs and get some new dry pants on.” Wren: “penis? What?! You said penis. Why did you say penis?”

Santa: “What would you like for Christmas this year?” Wren: “frozen pig.”

Around Christmas… me: “Wren, come and wash your hands NOW!” Wren: “I can’t, I’m going to Bethlehem, Mama!”

Also around Christmas… “Wren what do you want to give Phoebe for Christmas?” So serious, “Cheetos.”

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    • Thanks, Sanna!

      And I didn’t know you had a blog too – what fun! I love the doggie adventures. What a trip! And awfully cute.

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