it really sucks

Wren keeps asking, “is it pretend?!” No, it really sucks. I can’t believe people spend oodles of money on cool-looking pretend vacuums that do absolutely nothing when you can spend $19.99 on something that actually works. Just let your child go to work while you kick back and drink a mimosa, ha! Ahem. While it doesn’t work great on the two (!) small rugs we own, it’s perfect for the wood floors. And perfect for Wren. It’s much more fun to clean when Wren wants to participate. I really don’t like cleaning, but I’m trying to create a different attitude about it (boy, how many times have I said that?) It’s just never-ending… sigh. You know the drill, Mamas. You turn your attention to one area of the house and meanwhile another disaster zone is created. You can’t get to picking it up and directing your child to help because you’re helping another child, or making dinner, or trying to have a conversation with another adult. It just snowballs! And now we’re entering the world of toys with small parts and puzzles with lots of puzzle pieces and it’s gotten to be a bit overwhelming to me. Side note: I DID just take several boxes and bags of stuff to Goodwill because really, how many shape sorters does a family need?!

But did I tell you the fun (and sad) thing about this vacuum? This past fall I was a guest blogger on Moonfrye, Soleil Moonfrye’s blog. You know, Punky Brewster? Well, she sent me a handwritten note and Target gift card, yahoo! So I spent part of the gift card on this vacuum. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t what Punky would’ve spent her money on, but this Mama has to be a bit more practical with her gifted cash. Boo!

Lovelies, have you cultivated a good attitude about cleaning? How do you do it with small children in your midst? It’s one thing to have things picked up, but I just can’t get to the real nitty gritty cleaning… any ideas? Do you involve your toddler in cleaning too? Thoughts?


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  1. hi ash! i couldn’t agree with you more and i don’t even have #2 here in the world with me yet! i wish i had some magic answer to the cleaning thing. I guess the nice thing for us is that we just moved so the house is *relatively* still clean (ie. nitty gritty stuff), but it sure would be nice to keep up maintenance. sonia is starting to enjoy “dusting” when i’m cleaning and she loves to hold the cord (i probably shoudn’t let her do that, but oh well) when i vaccuum.

    must say I have succumbed to plugging her in to “Se-se” (as she refers to sesame street) when I have to get the dishwasher loaded! she does enjoy loading the laundry machine with me, though.

    hang in there. just know you are NOT alone! much love to you all in the North.

  2. My 3 & half year old son, obsessed with vacuuming, got that exact Dirt Devil from his grandma for Christmas. haha Apparently she got it for $8 and some change on one of those crazy post-Thanksgiving sales.

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