take one and call me in the morning

Wren loves it that I’m under-the-weather with mastitis because she is VERY into playing doctor. Ever since she attended a lot of my OB appointments when I was pregnant with Phoebe, she has shown a daily interest in all things medical-related. She takes her doctor work very seriously. I’m thinking we ought to eat out more often at the hospital cafeteria a few blocks away! Man, does she love the cafeteria and walking through the hospital corridors…they actually have a decent salad bar, but when’s the last time you tried to negotiate a salad bar with a toddler and infant in tow? Yeah.

It’s interesting to me how as a well-meaning parent I carefully chose toys for Wren (ergonomic, organic, well-designed, wood, educational, blah blah…) and then instead she grabs a little suitcase and fills it with random things, calls it a “doctor bag” and proceeds to give check-ups. That being said, my Mom gave her a pretend doctor kit with some tools and a jacket for Christmas and she knew what it was right away. And was over-the-moon excited about it. Need a check-up? Come by anytime, the doctor will surely see you.

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  1. I’m so happy to see she hasn’t lost interest in her new profession yet – maybe she takes after her aunt Nikki? Be well!

  2. We have a doctor in our house as well! She has been checking up and fixing everyone for four years now and doesn’t seem to be loosing any interest at all. Her favorite Christmas gift? A wheelchair (yes, plastic) for her dolls! Amabel and Wren would get along really well, I’m sure. . .

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