three weeks

Sweet Phoebe Jane is three weeks old. I was going to write “already,” but that’s awfully trite (but true too). She’s waking up a bit more every day and although we’re still getting into a rhythm, she seems so much easier than Wren as an infant. This is probably a combination of her easy-going nature, our more easy-going parenting this time around and also, it’s still early. She’s still sleeping most of the time and doesn’t have many gripes about the world as long as she’s fed, warm, cozy and dry. Yet! I remember that things got a bit trickier as Wren woke up to the world and decided to voice her concerns about things other than food, clothing, temperature or attention. Was it world peace? Social injustice? Gender inequality? The art work in her room? We’re still not quite sure as that pre-verbal stage is a tough one.

A couple more shots of my littlest birdie. Baby feet? Can’t get enough. And a profile pic, which seems to exaggerate the size of her ears, but cute anyway. Isn’t she sporting just the cutest little pixie haircut? Hey, a Mama’s meant to gush a bit, right?!

P.S. I just love a baby in a simple white onesie. You?

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