first snow!

We woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow this morning – the first of the year! Wren’s enthusiasm is infectious – she couldn’t wait to get outside and taste it. She’s got a long list of snowy day pursuits: creating snow angels, building a snow man, eating more snow, catching flakes with her tongue, kicking snow, rolling around in the snow, pointing out all the things that are covered in snow… The trees! The cars! The fence! The birdfeeder! The sandbox! The picnic table!

And now I’m new-Mama-of-two stumped. It’s tough to play outside in the snow with a newborn in tow… I will attempt to bundle us all up and snuggle Phoebe in the baby carrier. Wish us luck! Any tips, Mamas?

P.S. the Wool & Honey giveaway ended last night. Check back later today for the winner!

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  1. The snow in just lovely! I declared the first snow a personal snow day! Alex and I are still in our PJs and chill’in out!

    Yesterday, TCAPS auction/vendor opportunity was my best show this season. I am so tickled! One more big craftshow to go then I’m getting ready to focus on making presents for Alex, Mike & Gary.

    Love your beautiful posts of Wren and Pheobe! I want to come and visit next week if I could pop in and out.

    So much joy to you and your family!

  2. My only suggestion is a baby wrap, but I’m guessing you already have that figured out! Oh, and invite grandmas and grandpas and uncles and aunts and neighbors and anyone else available over to play with Wren outside!

  3. What a sweet blog! I forwarded it to my daughter who is a blogger and home momma as well. I believe she and you would enjoy one another. Her blog: Best wishes.

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