too early?

This past weekend my Mom was here for a visit and she brought a gingerbread house kit to do with Wren. At first I thought it was a bit too early to start with the Christmas rush, rush, rush, but did you know that Thanksgiving is next week already?! Yes, of course you did, but I’m still trying to get the Halloween costumes put away. The gingerbread house was a huge hit, and continues to be although many of the candies have been removed and consumed by a certain toddler…

I’m looking forward to some very low-key holiday celebrations this year. A new baby is a great excuse to keep things extra simple, isn’t it? This will force us into celebrating the basics of gratitude, love, family and friends. There will not be mountains of stuff or decorations to cloud the meaning of this time of year and for this I’m thankful. Although I do really need some new socks so I’m hoping that Santa brings some stuff, ha!

How do you keep things simple in your nest, lovelies? Any tips?

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  1. Ashlea – the past few years I’ve been trying to shop early – like really early (Aug sales thru- Oct.) I order my cards early. Then I set a stop shopping date (like Dec. 1) so that I don’t continue to keep buying! I have really liked doing things early because it allows me time to actually ENJOY the time leading up to Christmas. I can open up cards, read and enjoy them, do some Christmas crafts with the kids, and take some time to make a bakegood item for friends and deliver it. Being able to enjoy the season of Christmas and the days leading up to it is a gift I give myself & my family.

  2. I agree with Becky! Although it sounds like she’s a lot better at the shopping part than me. I start now and keep buying! I’m going to try and set a cut off time as well. I like that idea. I’ll let you know if I follow through with it:) I’ve already started decorating my house because if I wait I feel rushed and I also like to enjoy December. Come Jan. 1st everything gets put away. By the way, I love the gingerbread house. That’s probably the one project Lauren and Madi can’t do together. As sisters they get along surprisingly well, but when it comes to decorating a gingerbread house we need two of them. Lauren’s is nicely done and Madi’s is lets just say sloppy:)

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