sister wonder

Wren has a sister. Phoebe has a sister. We have two girls. This is really just beginning to sink in with us. Part of the fun of not finding out the baby’s gender is the excitement when the baby is born and all of these thoughts are fresh and sink in slowly over the course of the first few up-most-of-the-night days. Because I don’t have a sister, I don’t know what it’s really like, but I’m so grateful for the possibilities of Wren and Phoebe’s sister relationship. I look forward to discovering ways to nurture it over the years and encouraging them to find a rhythm that’s uniquely their own. Maybe they’ll find their own language together? Inside jokes. Creating a world all their own. Giggling about something in the other room that has nothing to do with me.  Screaming and pulling hair… ahh, sisters! Let the wild, lovely ride begin!

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  1. Oh, I just love your two girls! They are so wonderful. What a relationship and journey they will be traveling– for life!! Oh, blessings!!

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