topatoes and beets, oh my

I think the little birdie just might trade in her dancing shoes for farming “topatoes.” And I might just join her. I had no idea growing potatoes would be so fun. Maybe it’s so gratifying because we had no idea what was happening down in the dirt. It’s not like other vegetables that you can easily monitor every day to see how things are shaping up (or not). With the potatoes, we just decided one day we ought to dig down and find out. Crossing fingers, we dug and easily upturned some beautiful little guys. “Topatoes!!!”

Some of the tigger melons (or delicata squash?) from across the garden were starting to crowd out the beets so we harvested a bunch of those too. I can smell some roasted veggies in our very near future. Autumn, we are happy you’re here! Do any of you like to do anything in particular with your beet greens? Treat them like kale or chard? Any ideas?

Licking our lips in northern Michigan…

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  1. So good you had much better luck growing “topatoes” than did I, and aren’t fresh-out-of-the-ground topatoes the best? Remember digging them up at Grandma Turner’s in NC? They were the best. Roasted, as opposed to pickled, beets are also yummy. Wow – has Wren’s hair grown and gotten really curly – do we have another little girl with, as your brother calls it, a “‘fro”?

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