Toddlers. Just like the old adage warning you not to trust a skinny cook, do not trust anyone who says that they don’t remember their toddler being defiant, irrational and insane. They are probably insane themselves. Or have clearly selectively forgotten those harrowing minutes | days | years. Most likely a bit of both. It’s survival, lovelies!

It’s a funny thing with these feisty, chubby-wristed people. On the one hand, I admire how reckless and free-spirited they are. How they don’t give a f*** what you say, think or feel most of the time. How their raw, unpredictable emotions seemingly live on the surface of their perfect skin. How much energy they have and can easily wield at you when you feel like you’re just catching a break. How they can give you the wettest kisses and the tightest hugs. And mean it. How they’re completely uninhibited and will say anything, wear anything, and express themselves with complete wild abandon. It’s actually refreshing to be around this kind of chaotic energy after spending most of my adult life around inhibited adults in various work and social settings.

But sometimes after the third frustration tantrum in one morning because I started to peel the orange too much or didn’t serve the cereal in the correct bowl or had to wrestle the little birdie to yank the poopy panties off, well, I do it self, Mama!!! isn’t really all that charming anymore.

I know, I know. You say I will be grateful for this feisty independence and confidence when she’s older and I do agree with you, but I can’t help to wish for a bit more compliance from time to time. I wish someone had told me to relish the days when it was easy to get the little birdie dressed and out the door–in under 90 minutes of dawdling, negotiations and shenanigans. It didn’t seem like it at the time, but babies are EASY. I know this sentiment will come back to haunt me in a few months when I’m whining about never sleeping and how the world’s a blur of yellow diapers and lots of crying. Please just don’t say I told you so… I’ll probably say it myself.

Actually, today has been wonderful so far. I warned her that we had to leave the playground in a few minutes and when it was time to go, she actually followed my directions. No flailing tantrums, no running away, no screaming like it was the absolute end of the world. I’m not sure what created this or even what might have encouraged her more compliant behavior because I don’t think I did anything differently than the last time we went to the park and I ran into Meltdown City. Oh Wrenegade, how you baffle me. And inspire me too. XO

Happy weekend, lovelies. May you do something with reckless abandon like your inner two-year-old!

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  1. Ash- Your writing is soo entertaining for me to read during downtime from Emma who is now 16 months. She can’t talk yet and I’m happy to report no tantrums as of yet especially ones in public but, I know they are just around the corner… your entries make my day 🙂 Keep ’em coming!

    • Aww, thanks Jill! That means a lot to me. Sometimes I just write or post photos and wonder what I’m doing here, what the value is except as a record to me. So, thank you!

      Enjoy this time with Emma – it is so very precious, but it does get crazy! I think that’s why it starts off so beautiful and slow and you just fall in love with your little one more each day. It’s a good thing because some days you wonder if you’re going to make it out alive when they start to really become their own person, ha!

  2. I have no kids myself (yet), but my friends kids absolutely amaze me with their attitudes. Perfect sweethearts one minute the next its like you can’t tell them anything. And with one, her “no” phase, is the ever more (hilarious) serious “No Way!” In fact the other day when they were over, and had been told for the 100th time to stay out of the bathroom, our friend had to get more than stern with the youngest (2 yrs). The oldest (5 years) surprised me by consoling the youngest and telling her mother, that it wasn’t “nice to do that to a child.”

    Know you’re not alone. You’re frustrations were eloquently put, and I enjoyed the post.

    Diesel Stomping

  3. I think it is amazing how kids from the same parents can be soooo different. My oldest, almost 6, NEVER had temper tantrums. She was so compliant, so easy going, and very independent. But, if we said it was time to go, she’d put her things down and follow us wherever we asked.
    Now, my 2 year old, she is making up for the ease we had with daughter #1. She is feisty, defiant, independent, and sassy. She even has what she calls a “sassy dance.” It consists of blowing raspberries and shaking her butt from side to side with her hands on her hips. Her favorite phrases these days are “Addie do it,” and “no.” I always tell people that she may be little in size, but is big in attitude.
    I am so excited to see where daughter #3 fits into the mix.

    Enjoy these spunky days with Wren. Just when you think you cannot take it anymore, sit back and try to laugh for a few minutes. These little ones have so little control over anything. Watching them assert themselves is pretty darn funny, especially when you consider the battles they choose to fight. 🙂

    • It’s amazing, isn’t it?! Every day I am reminded that Wren really IS her own person. In a big way!

      I love picturing the sassy dance. Awesome! You go, Addie.

      I wonder what #3 will be like when she hits 2 – let the wild ride continue!

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