nesting: the whites

With a taste of cooler air on my skin this week, my nesting for our next little birdie has kicked in. I sorted through most of the little birdie’s infant clothes this week: whites and colors, stained and clean, summer and fall. I had forgotten a few things: just how tiny she once was, how incredibly much she spit up, and how adorable newborn white onesies are.

I enjoyed hanging all the little white pieces on the line and marveling at the sweetness of it all. Little birdie #2 just might smell like tomatoes too as our tomato forest is quickly gaining on the line. I clearly remember Wren smelling like sugar cookies when she was first born. I don’t think tomatoes and sugar cookies are a great combination, but I guess there are worse things to smell like, right?

How’s your week going, lovelies? Has it cooled off where you live too?

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    • Ha! Yes, too bad tomato juice doesn’t. Well, I guess I could dye all the garments dark and then not worry about it. Some bleach and sun seem to have taken care of most of them. Too bad the pollen from the tomatoes and tomatillos have now worked their way into some of the onesies…

  1. no — unfortunately it has not cooled off yet. But since it is a “cool” 85 right now at 9:40am i’m going to venture out on a walk with Sonia

  2. Love your clothes line! Are you doing cloth diapers if so I have extra I’ve never ever opened.

    Think of me and my animals before throughing out stained garments. I can use them to make my animals. Had a banner day at the Glen Arbor Farmers Market. I sold tons! Yipee!

    Do you need anything baby wise that I might have? Let me know.

    Enjoy the last month of summer!

    • Thankfully, I have been able to get out most of the stains with bleach and sunlight, but I I will save any garments or scraps for you and your critters… I might try to do cloth this time around – I’ve got a bunch so I will let you know. Thank YOU!

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