Grilled pizza? Check.

On my summer list, I threw on learning to grill pizza. It seemed like a great way to keep the heat out of the house, but it also seemed daunting. Wrong! I’ve already done it twice and I told Chris that I think we’ll be having grilled pizza every night this summer. It’s so easy, yummy, cheap.

I followed these simple directions from the kitchn, including the easy-peasy (no wait!) thin crust pizza recipe.

Bonus! I got to use more of the tomato jam via Food in Jars that I made from last year’s tomato bounty as a pseudo-bbq sauce for a grilled chicken pizza. Delicious.

I’m not kidding, lovelies. This isn’t one of those Martha-esque encouragements on “easy grilled pizza” that actually takes you four days with three gorgeous assistants and eight trips back to your local farmer’s market for fancy herbs. It IS easy. Really. Try it!

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  1. You sure made it LOOK easy – and both kinds were delectable! I think I’m partial to the chicken/bbq sauce one – I liked the sweetness. Let us know what other combos you come up with, too!

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