the summer list

Welcome, summer! We’re happy you’re here. So here goes, my lazy summer list 2011. Won’t you please join me, lovelies?

  • eat outside more than inside
  • make pizza on the grill
  • make a yummy vegetarian/vegan bbq dinner that anyone would like
  • learn to appreciate (beat? ignore?) the heat. Got ideas? Gin doesn’t count.
  • get work done early in the morning before the little birdie wakes up and the fun (err, mayhem) begins
  • enjoy my annual corn dog at the Cherry Festival
  • can and/or pickle something from our garden. Note: yesterday, I made this amazing rhubarb & rosemary jam with our rosemary so that kind of counts, but since it was before the official beginning of summer, we’ll have to try something else…
  • pick strawberries and blueberries to put up (freeze, jam, bake?)
  • become a regular at the beach. Bag packed in the front closet, ready to go!
  • say bye-bye to the little birdie’s diapers. This process has begun, but I’m thinking it will be easier in the summer?
  • wean the little birdie. This could generate several posts so we’ll just leave it at that right now…
  • enjoy the growing baby bump and the last few months with just the one little birdie: happy/sad, sniff sniff, smiles.
  • eat a huge, fresh sandwich from the Village Cheese Shanty in Leland
  • take Wren to the Northwest Michigan Fair. “Goin’ to the fair, goin’ to the fair, goin’ to the Northwest Michigan Fair!”
  • stay up late to be awed by the Perseid meteor showers in August
  • dance with the little birdie at the Cedar Polka Fest. She is going to LOVE it!
  • take in a few films at the Traverse City Film Festival
  • read a book. A whole book! Any recommendations for something beachy and easy, but not trite?
  • Say “no” to too many more commitments. It’s tough to do, but it’s no fun to be over-scheduled in the summer, right?

Happy longest day of the year, lovelies! Any fun pagan rituals planned for tonight? Since I get up a bit after 5, I’m not much fun after 9 at night, but I’m going to try to stay up late to enjoy the longest day. Because as Chris likes to remind me, it’s all downhill from here to a long, dark winter…

Do you have a lazy summer list to share too, lovelies? Please send me a link and happy summer to you.

0 thoughts on “the summer list

  1. Love, love, LOVE the list. I’m going to make that rhubarb jam this weekend, too, along with some strawberry freezer jam. I plan on staying up for the meteor shower (something I haven’t done in so, so long!), breakfast picnicking at Good Harbor with my sweetie once a week and taking Sundays off. Canning, pickling, eating….this year, I am trying to remind myself (daily!) how wonderful life in the Pinky really is. Thanks for your inspiration, Ash.

    • I love the breakfast picnic idea – and taking Sundays off. NICE. Enjoy the prettiest pinkie this summer, Melissa!

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